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Inner pilgrimage of Greek Goddesses

A Beautiful Blend of Ancient Myths and Holistic Practises

1st - 8th of July, 2023, Rhodes Island, Greece

We were taught to believe that Gods and Goddesses are higher entities that live outside of us, that they live in Mount Olympus and govern from above. But Gods and Goddesses live inside each and every one of us. They represent different parts of us. So when connecting with different Goddesses we can reawaken and strengthen different aspects of our lives with the help of Divine Spirit that is available to all of us.

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What to expect

This retreat dives deep into every aspect of divine feminine energy that Greek Goddesses offer so we could awaken and strengthen the long lost feminine wisdom.

Each day will be a woven tapestry of movement of yoga and dance, meditation, ritual, sweet pleasures of massage and essential oils.  Inner pilgrimage of Greek Goddesses is open to women (and men) who are drawn to connect with the divine feminine.

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Goddesses we will connect with

Aphrodite -  goddess of love, beauty, pleasure and procreation. She will open and soften our inner vision towards ourselves, our body, so we could cultivate a beautiful, compassionate and passionate heart.


Artemis - goddess of the hunt, the wilderness, wild animals, nature, vegetation, childbirth, care of children, and chastity. She will show us a generous way of living and love for all creatures of the world. Artemis will open the doorway for us to claim what is rightfully ours so we could provide not only for ourselves but for everyone in need.


Athena - goddess of wisdom, warfare, and handicraft. She will strengthen our heart muscle so we can always find the right path. Athena will show a way of the Warrior of Love. 


Demeter -  goddess of the harvest and agriculture. She will open the world of prosperity, abundance, fertility and natural cycles of life.


Gaia - Primordial goddess and personification of the Earth. Gaia will open the door to our personal and universal  womb wisdom.


Persephone - Queen of the underworld, goddess of spring, the dead, destruction, grain, and nature. Persephone will show us the importance of letting go so we could bloom anew. In order for a new to come we need to be willing to make space and let go gracefully.

Sample day schedule

8:00 Meditation, yoga, pranayama practices

10:00 Breakfast together

11:00-17:00 Free time to explore the island, nearby places, hike, read or book a wellness treatments at Vinsan 

17:00 Dinner

19:00 Evening ritual (Cocoa ceremony/ Ecstatic dance/ Yin Yoga and Sound Bath / Aromatherapy / Movement therapy )

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Vinsan Wellness Centre & Glamping, Rhodes Island, Greece


Early Bird: 850 eur per person

(offer is valid until 31st of May)


Standart: 950 eur per person

What's included

7 Nights Accommodation in double Yurts

(if you travel with a friend or a partner please let us know, otherwise we will place you in a yurt with randomly selected, same gender person)


Daily Vegetarian Breakfast and Dinner

(Vegan options are available)


Daily Yoga, Meditation and Evening Ritual


One Aphrodite’s Massage

What's not included

International and/or domestic airfare

Additional hotel bookings (for those arriving early, or staying later)

Airport transport (can be arranged)

Independent ground transportation (motorbike rental, cars, etc.)


Additional wellness therapies (massages, sujok, private yoga lessons, sound healing therapy etc.)


At our centre we have a communal kitchen and a gym that is free to use. Every yurt is equipped with an electric fan, a mini fridge and a kettle. Each yurt has a shower cabin and a bio toilet. We have a big yoga shala, where we will have our morning yoga and meditation sessions and evening rituals.

Meet your guides

Egle is a Reiki Master and a healer, spiritual teacher and a couch, holistic medicine and sound therapist with 24 years work experience in the field. Egle has dedicated her life to spiritual path and along the way inspires others to seek answers and divinity within. She has completed various holistic healing studies in Su Jok and Acupuncture, attended many lectures and courses by various teachers on spiritual and holistic topics. She created a 21 day "Personality shift and breaking old beliefs and habits" program. For many years, she has been interested in natural remedies and plant medicine and belongs to the international association "The Shift Network Plant Medicine", and has started the production and distribution of VinSan natural body care products. Egle’s latest passion is sound healing and she fully immersed herself in studying and sharing this powerful healing tool.

Kristina is a yoga, fitness and meditation instructor. Alongside her formal continuous education in yoga and fitness, she graduated from Lithuanian Sports University, where she completed Exercise, nutrition and stress management program, acquired her formal yoga qualification at International Sivananda Yoga school and also did karma yoga in Sivananda ashram in London, also completed Yin yoga course with Kassandra Reinhardt.


She is a dedicated practitioner of meditation and yoga. She believes that our body has an innate power to heal through movement, spiritual practices and shadow work. Kristina has a strong passion for sacred femininity, women empowerment, mythology, ecology, mental health wellbeing, sustainable living and everything related to mindfulness, good health and spirituality.


Laura is an Ayurvedic consultant, reiki healer and masseuse. Since her teenage years she has been interested in healthy lifestyle, self-development and spirituality. It has always been part of her life. Laura is deepening her knowledge in Ayurveda and soon to become Ayurvedic practitioner. She is doing intuitive full body massage and Japanese facial massage where people are able to fully relax and leave all their worries behind. 

Laura’s biggest passion and mission is to support and help people live a healthier and happier life using only natural approaches, such as , lifestyle, diet, movement, spiritual practices. She believes in order to have good health you need to find the balance between your body, mind and soul.


Thanks for registering.

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